Foot care has not been accorded the seriousness it deserves for a long time now. However, it is essential to take good care of your feet as many things can go wrong if you do not. Your mobility will be affected if you suffer feet-related problems and you will no longer be productive, and the power of moving from one place to another on your feet will be gone. Therefore, there is a need to see a podiatrist regularly for checkups and to get the right remedies when you have feet problems. Below are common services offered by podiatrists.

General foot care

This service is where foot infections such as warts, verrucae, acutely infected ingrown toenails are taken care of. Also, a Podiatristpodiatrist will take care of toenail conditions such as thickened toenails, nail deformities, fungal toenail infections, and the like. If you have painful skin conditions such as calluses, corns, and heel cracks and fissures, podiatry will give you the right remedy and advice to keep your feet from such problems. Under general foot care, you also get advice regarding the proper footwear to buy and what to avoid.

Diabetic footcare

Podiatrists offer screening, assessment and diagnosis and treatment of foot issues related to diabetes. After testing for neurological and vascular complications, podiatrists will devise a customised care plan for your needs. If you have numbness of the feet and poor circulation or foot deformities as a result of diabetes, the podiatry doctor will offer you specialised treatment and preventive foot care and footwear devices.

Biomechanical foot problems

Podiatry doctors provide an examination of the lower leg and foot for common biomechanical limb issues such as flat feet, toe deformities, bunions, highly arched feet, plantar fasciitis and heel pain. Podiatrists can offer custom splints, toe protectors, orthotics and insoles to accommodate and correct foot and leg deformities to alleviate any pains and symptoms.

Surgical care

Podiatry doctors are experts in the management of chronic painful toenail issues and ingrown toenails. Sometimes these conditions may require surgical procedures to remove part of or the whole toenail to alleviate pain. Podiatrists offer an assessment of your suitability for surgical treatment procedure for ingrown toenails and can provide surgical solutions for minor skin and nail problems affecting your feet under local anaesthesia.

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